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Thaloc is a mythological beast that featured prominently in the religious superstitions of the ancient Egyptian culture. The supernatural power of shapeshifting was ascribed to the thaloc or thalocian, who was believed to range in size and form. The thalocian was commonly portrayed in art as a winged fox or kitten, a girl with black wings similar to those of an angel or as a cat walking on its hind legs. The animal was believed to possess many powers, including the ability to steal human souls and to converse with demons and angels.     
It was considered by different sects as both a good and bad omen, possibly as an indicator of death similar to a grim. No official cult of worship was established; however small groups of dedicated believers still claim to converse with the creature and petition it to intercede on their behalf. Belief in the thaloc (thalocian) also prompts many to seek advice from the animal via gifts and sacrifices delivered while petitioning.

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